School Lunches & Snacks

It is possible to pack your child a nutritious lunch box that will actually come home at the end of the day empty and eaten.

Each student should be provided with water and a healthy packed lunch. These should be in a reusable bottle and a reusable lunch box respectively, in order to minimize packaging waste. Food such as chicken nuggets (unless homemade) and sausages are not allowed. Cakes, cereals, and cereal bars often have a high sugar content and are not allowed under the healthy eating policy. Sweets of any kind and packets of crisps or other snacks are not allowed at school.

Fruit yoghurts, with low sugar content, are permissible only if the children can open the tub themselves and eat unhelped. Cream, custard, or chocolate yoghurts are not allowed.

The only drinks allowed at school are water and milk.

Policy Documents

Health Lunch Box Ideas