The aim of Qatra Qatra project is to install a GEO-INF system rainwater infiltration system to recover rainwater that is currently being wasted and ending up in the streets of Għargħur.

The GEO-INF system comprises drain pipes that will drain the rain water falling on part of the roof of the school (approx. 100 m2) into a buffer tank, and from then run into a gravel filter which will filter the water before being discharged into the borehole to replenish the water table.

This project will raise awareness on the hydrology and geology of the Maltese islands, with a particular focus on the geology in Għargħur, where the school is located. The project will also educate the students on national water issues and make students appreciate the value of this scarce water resource through their curricular subjects.

This Project will also teach each student life’s most valuable lesson “I can”. The children will be empowered to become agents of change, take local issues into their own hands, lead other young people and educate their parents about this precious resource.

The rainwater infiltration design is the intellectual property of Sustech Consulting of Gżira, Malta, whose GEO-INF project won the Malta Innovation Award 2014, and was a finalist in the most prestigious environmental award in the world, the Energy Globe Award.


The GEO-INF system requires little maintenance and does not require any electricity. The system is expected to last a number of years, during which time successive students will benefit from the presence of a functional system that crosscuts various subjects as science, social studies, geology, hydrology, water conservation and environmental science. The process of drilling the borehole and the installation of the system will be documented on video, to be shown to successive students.

Student Participation

Through the Qatra Qatra project, the education about water the students receive as part of their curriculum, is embedded in a real-world context. This blurring of the boundaries between school and life will help the children go through a journey of Aware, Enable and Empower.

Għargħur Primary Students were present during the critical phases of the installation, becoming aware of the water situation in the Maltese Islands in the process and seeing a concrete positive change happen around them.

Through class discussion, the kids were asked to design a poster featuring the installation. They will monitor the project and the work produced will be shared during various activities at school.

Project Video