Let’s Reach Higher

Għargħur Primary caters to children aged 3 to 11 from kinder to year 6. With a total population of slightly over 250, the children are mainly from Għargħur and neighbouring villages. This scholastic year we are also hosting foreign students from Maria Regina College St. Paul’s Bay Primary. Situated in St. Bartholomew Street, the school is named after poet Karmnu Sant, born in 1876.

Our School’s mission statement is ‘In an ever-changing world, each pupil has to be recognised as an individual. He/She has to be provided with a broad range of appropriate experiences in order to provide him/her with the tools and skills necessary to integrate himself/herself fully in adult life. We strive to respond to pupils’ needs. Consequently, we strive to provide the foundation for life-long learning, which shall stand the pupils in good stead for a self-respectful life outside the school.’ This mission statement outlines the following objectives:

  • children come in their own individual packages
  • no two children learn the same way even though the curriculum may be the same
  • teachers need to create a variety of entry points to ensure that students’ differing abilities, strengths and needs are all taken into consideration
  • students then need varying opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, based on the teaching
  • choice is key to the process
  • the learning tasks should always consider the students’ strengths/weaknesses
  • ultimately our aim is to provide the students with skills to a level sufficient for a respectable, adult life.
  • reaching higher is the motto for all the teaching community – we should always strive for a level higher than that achieved.
Educators and Staff