The College

Maria Regina College forms part of a network of Colleges in Malta each comprising a number of primary and secondary schools. The College network is made up of six primary schools and three secondary schools. Through a clear vision the College is to act as a sufficient driver for its schools to come together, to walk together and to work collaboratively­, thus promoting educator-to-educator learning. A set of eight aims also portray a very active and proactive College where the child is always at the centre of all activity. The College’s sole focus is to be Creative, Innovative and Professional in anything that is put on the agenda. It is an established practice of ours to embrace constant self-evaluation because we believe that it is only through such a practice that we can move forward and be of sterling service to the students and the community we serve.

Aims of Maria Regina College

  • Provide a quality education for our children to achieve excellence to the best of their ability.
  • Put the learner at the heart of the educational system.
  • Create new practices to improve teaching and learning and promote the sharing of good practice.
  • Provide excellent leadership of quality through a distributed leadership approach.
  • Be a true partnership shared equally among the schools which creates widespread and purposeful collaboration and networking.
  • Enhance and promote continuous professional development opportunities.
  • Support personnel in innovation and experimentation and to build the necessary capacities.
  • Build bridges with all stakeholders and the community

More information can be found in the College Website.

The College Principal

Mr Patrick Decelis
Mr Patrick DecelisB. Ed (Hons), M.Sc. Educ. Lead. (Leic.)
Maria Regina College Administration Centre
Triq l-Inkurunazzjoni, Mosta