School Council Composition

Parents and teachers are given the opportunity to work together, to improve the school environment and to make schools a better place, where students can be educated in a holistic way feeling safe and loved.

The Għargħur Primary School Council 2021 & 2022 is made up of three representatives of the parents, three members of the teaching staff, the secretary/treasurer and the president. The school council is very active both in organising social and educational activities for both students and parents, and also in assisting the school management team to formulate the policies and implement strategies.

The School Council members are:

Ms Carmen Grech – President

Ms Ben Portelli – Head of School

Ms Marisa Pace – Teacher

Ms Debbie Theuma – Kindergarten Educator

Ms Yvonne Mifsud – Learning Support Educator

Ms Oriana Abela – Parents’ Representative

Ms Mandy Boult Cassar – Parents’ Representative

Mr Ruben Overend – Parents’ Representative

The modus operandi of the School Council is governed by the School Council Regulations (Subsidiary Legislation 327.43). School Council Elections are held every two years. The next elections will be held in January 2023.

School Council Minutes