Our school is an active participant of the School Milk Scheme, an EU-wide voluntary scheme that is intended to:

  • encourage consumption among children of healthy dairy products containing important vitamins and minerals;
  • contribute in the fight against obesity among children;
  • provide good quality products for children
  • promote a healthy way of living
  • contribute in nutritional education with a better knowledge on products.

This year the scheme is being administered differently due to Covid-19 pandemic and a voucher system is being used. As a result, children who partecipate will receive double the portions of milk they received in past years.

Participating school children will receive a set of vouchers which may be redeemed for one portion of 500ml of Benna fresh milk 2.5% fat per week. These vouchers will be colour-coded by month in order to clearly indicate during which month they will be valid and can be exchanged at all grocers and supermarkets across Malta and Gozo.

This scheme is a voluntary one for children aged 3 – 11 who attend primary schools.