During last scholastic year, a lot of hard work had been put in to have schools open for all our students and to keep them so throughout the year. This was the result of the rigorous implementation of the advice and guidelines issued by the health authorities.

In this respect, it is very positive to report that student attendance during the last term of 2020-21 was 88.8%. We have created a safe environment for all. This experience has shown that there is no longer the need for parents to be given the choice of whether to send their children to school. The students’ educational journey is to continue, and the best place for this to happen is in schools. Student attendance, therefore, needs to become compulsory once again.

In the light of this, you are being informed that all procedures connected to attendance recording and reporting according to the law are being reintroduced from the first day of school – on Wednesday 29th September 2021. Where necessary, these will include procedures according to law to be initiated in respect of those who fail to send their children to school. We also remind you, that when a child is absent from school, even for a single day, a medical certificate showing the date of when they are able to return to school is required. In case a child needs to miss school for a valid reason, the possible absence needs to be communicated to the school administration in advance. Depending on the case, a certificate may not be required.

1405, 2022

Opening of Applications for School Transport in State Schools 2022/3

May 14th, 2022|Comments Off on Opening of Applications for School Transport in State Schools 2022/3

School Transport in State Schools is organised by the Ministry for Education and Employment. The Ministry provides school transport services to State Schools in Malta and Gozo and currently organises over 660 routes daily, [...]