Once again, the School Milk Scheme shall supply pupils from Kinder 1 to Year 6 with a portion of fresh, pasteurised milk. This scheme is financed by the Government of Malta, thus enabling all students to receive one portion of milk per week to help them adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Whereas in previous years, the milk portions were distributed to pupils on school premises in portions of 250ml, due to the onset of COVID-19 pandemic during Scholastic Year 2020/2021, the milk portions were distributed directly to the participating, eligible pupils through a set of vouchers.

The participating students will be sent a set of vouchers each of which will entitle them to one portion of 500ml of fresh milk. These vouchers will be sent to the postal address to be indicated in the participation form.

These vouchers are to be used to collect a portion of 500ml fresh milk from one of the participating retail outlets of your choice at your convenience during the vouchers’ month of validity.

If you would like your child/ren to participate in the School Milk Scheme, you are kindly requested to fill in the participation form at: https://forms.office.com/r/KjcuTMimCjThe and submit it through the portal.

This form will remain open till 31st October 2021. A separate form will need to be filled in and submitted for each child. Personal information provided on your application form is protected and used in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act (Cap 586).

The School Scheme is managed by the Agriculture and Rural Payments Agency within the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Animal Rights in collaboration with the Ministry for Education, and the Ministry for Health. For queries, please contact ARPA on [email protected] or 22926148.

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