Għargħur Primary School Council stopped the distribution of hundreds of single-use plastic straws that were delivered to the school in the first week of the new Free Milk Scheme. Whilst welcoming the re-introduction of the Milk Scheme at school, the School Council said that the initiative should not come at a cost to the environment.

Għargħur Primary School Council notes that the new scheme is generating more waste than similar schemes in previous years. Rather than having milk from large cartons distributed in reusable cups the kids get from home, the new system gives a small milk carton to each child, which also includes a single-use plastic straw.

Putting what is taught in class into action, the School Council unanimously voted to stop the distribution of single-use straws in order to reduce the amount of waste generated. The kids are being asked to bring a reusable cup from home to avoid the use of straws.

The School Council believes that single-use plastic containers should also be avoided for the fruit and vegetable scheme.

In the following days, many state, independent and church schools around Malta and Gozo joined Għargħur Primary in the #DitchTheStraw Campaign.

2410, 2022

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1405, 2022

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2012, 2021

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