Għargħur Primary has been awarded the Dyslexia-Friendly School Award for implementing a number of dyslexia-friendly practices. Għargħur Primary and Siġġiewi Primary are the first primary schools in Malta to ever receive this award.

Dyslexia Friendly Schools are inclusive and proactive schools that lead to the development of self-confidence and competences of all pupils. Such schools contribute to enhancing the learning opportunities of all pupils since they cater to learning differences through the implementation of some minor changes/adjustments in the teaching procedures.

Being dyslexia-friendly is not about being a “special school.” It’s about being a school that has teachers who appreciate diversity and have the skills to teach every student in their classroom. It’s about children who respect that we all learn differently. It’s about a fair go and a level playing field so that every child has equal access to the curriculum.

Research has shown that both dyslexic and non-dyslexic students benefit from the develop­ment of dyslexia-friendly school environments in terms of inclusion, motivation and performance, provided educators have relevant training and the school provides an effective support framework.