Call on (+356) 2598 8001/2 at the Marija Reġna College Principal’s office for an appointment. For the appointment, please bring with you:

  • Identification (passpsorts/ID Cards) of parents / legal guardians
  • Original birth certificate in English. If this certificate is not in English, a legal translation is required.
  • Letter from parents / legal guardian indicating request, including telephone numbers.
  • The previous school’s last annual results.
  • Proof of residence : Document indicating that you actually live in that district, for example : water and electricity bill indicating your name and address in that particular district / copy of lease of premises specifying your name and address in that district, including owner’s telephone number, ID Card number and signature.
  • The parent/guardian is to phone the nearest Polyclinic for an appointment for a routine medical checkup.
  • If the student hails from a country outside the European Union, a payment every term is to be effected.
  • In this case, the parents’ / legal guardian’s working permit and residence permit / freedom of movement document is to be submitted.