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Circulars from DLAP or MRC College

Handwriting: Development and Strategies | Malta Dyslexia Association


The Malta Dyslexia Association is organizing its first 2022 online meeting for parents, educators, students and the general public. The session will be held on Friday, 28th January 2022 at 18:00 hours. The meeting will be facilitated by Ms Maria Mizzi, occupational therapist and will focus on Handwriting: Development and Strategies. It can be accessed through the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3842041145?pwd=blpPZnNiWi9XS3hoSThnT2IxbmIzQT09 For more information, please contact MDA on 99498841 or send an email to [email protected].

Handwriting: Development and Strategies | Malta Dyslexia Association2022-01-25T21:43:46+02:00

Read Me a Story | Aqrali Storja


The virtual video library of the ‘Read me a Book/Aqrali Ktieb’ programme of the National Literacy Agency offers recorded Reading for Pleasure sessions for children aged 0 to 11 years. These sessions are produced in English and Maltese by the reading animators of the Agency. The virtual library of the Agency is accessible to all educators and parents. Applicants may borrow daily up to two recorded sessions, one in Maltese and another in English. These clips are provided free of charge and are made available for viewing over a limited time. Parents may choose the clips from the catalogues which [...]

Read Me a Story | Aqrali Storja2022-01-25T21:46:19+02:00

Maths Educational Talks – Links to Recordings


We understand that because of work or other commitments sometimes you do not manage to attend educational talks held during school hours. In view of this, below please find the links to the recorded Maths talks which were held recently. Find below the link to the 3 different sessions: Addition and Subtraction through CPA (Year 1 + 2)-20220114_093528-Meeting Recording.mp4 Addition and Subtraction through CPA (Years 3-6)-20220117_093529-Meeting Recording.mp4 Multiplication and Division through CPA (Years 3 - 6)-20220121_093345-Meeting Recording.mp4

Maths Educational Talks – Links to Recordings2022-01-25T21:55:23+02:00

Naqraw Flimkien TV programme


Reading for Pleasure has many literacy and non-literary benefits. It enhances language skills, can increase empathy, improve relationships with others and wellbeing throughout life. The National Literacy Agency continues to promote a love for reading, and in conjunction with PBS has launched the television programme ‘Naqraw Flimkien’. During the programme, which is intended for children between the ages of 3 to 11, books are read in an interactive manner and in an appealing environment by various fictional characters to motivate children to read more. The programme is aired on TVM from Monday to Friday at 2.55 pm with a repetition [...]

Naqraw Flimkien TV programme2021-11-05T13:28:28+02:00

Compulsory Attendance to School – Circular by DG DES


During last scholastic year, a lot of hard work had been put in to have schools open for all our students and to keep them so throughout the year. This was the result of the rigorous implementation of the advice and guidelines issued by the health authorities. In this respect, it is very positive to report that student attendance during the last term of 2020-21 was 88.8%. We have created a safe environment for all. This experience has shown that there is no longer the need for parents to be given the choice of whether to send their children to [...]

Compulsory Attendance to School – Circular by DG DES2021-09-29T09:05:15+02:00

Free Online Training in the use of Microsoft Teams


During the last scholastic year, Microsoft Teams has been heavily used by schools for educational purposes. In view of this, the Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills is inviting those who are not familiar with this solution, to attend a training session of around one and a half hours about Microsoft Teams. The sessions will be delivered online. Parents and students may choose to attend the session either in Maltese or English. The aim of the training is to learn about different ways of using MS TEAMS for teaching and learning. Participants will also have the chance to ask [...]

Free Online Training in the use of Microsoft Teams2021-09-09T10:18:17+02:00