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Walk for Nature

nature-walkThe annual Walk for Nature, organised as part of the Dinja Waħda programme, will this year be held on Sunday 13th March.

Students and their families are invited to attend this 10km walk. The walk starts at the Old Railway Station in Mdina at 08:30 HRS and ends at Simar Nature Reserve. Transport back to Rabat will be provided at 1p at a minimal fee of €1 per person. All students who attend the event on behalf of their school will earn Dinja Waħda points for their school

Participants are kindly invited to donate a small contribution on a voluntary basis for the purchase of bird feeder kits.

Birdlife has already started distributing the kits made last year using sponsorship funds but much more is needed to reach all the schools. The kits will include a bird table, instructions, tips, and some bird food, helping to make school grounds better for wildlife. There is no need to book in advance.

For further information contact Ms Hannah Chisholm on

Dinja Waħda Programme

Dinja Waħda is BirdLife Malta’s major educational initiative in its commitment to protect wildlife and its habitats. Dinja Waħda taps young people’s innate fascination with nature and seeks to develop it into a sense of responsibility towards the natural world. Through Dinja Waħda, children are made aware of people’s impact on the environment. The overall aim is to trigger in children behavioural changes that will lead to future adults who will treat our planet better than we do today.