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Students Witness Partial Solar Eclipse

Students from Year 1 to Year 6 witnessed today’s rare spectacle as the moon passed between the Earth and Sun, thereby obscuring partly the image of the sun. They were provided eclipse glasses to be able to experience this event safely.

The partial eclipse began at 9.21am and peaked at around 10.25 am, when people across Malta were able to see the sun covered by around 38%.

The students were briefed about this phenomenon by representatives of the Malta Astronomical Society who were invited to school earlier this week.

solar-eclipse-malta-march-2015Our Year 3 students are currently preparing a Special Assembly about this phenomenon. Their presentation will be delivered to the whole school on Wednesday 25th March.

The only populated places where today’s total eclipse (100% obscuration) could be can seen, were the Faroe Islands and Svalbard. However, the viewing from Faroe Islands was limited by the cloud cover that shrouded much of the archipelago.

The deep shadow formed first in the North Atlantic, before sweeping up into the Arctic Circle and ending at the North Pole.

Our students will not see a solar eclipse on this scale again until 2026!