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School Circular regarding Last Day of Term 1

With reference to the Christmas Guidelines which the school received from the Directorate and which were emailed to all parents, the following is important information about Tuesday 22nd December, the last day of school.

  1. All students may come to school in casual wear, obviously in masks too.
  2. All students, especially KG students need to wear clothes that are comfortable to manage during toilet use.
  3. Students do not bring any books with them.
  4. All the daily covid-19 school measures will be in place as on a usual school day.
  5. All bags will be sanitised as usual.
  6. Students will bring their personal lunch/party food/snacks/goodies/popcorn.
  7. No food will be shared with other students even if it is party food.
  8. No food will be cooked at school.
  9. No food items will be warmed up at school.
  10. The only permissible drink is water.
  11. Students will remain in their places.
  12. Students will remain in their individual classes.
  13. School finishes at 12p.m. Transport runs at 12p.m.
  14. Breakfast students may enter school as usual before 8.30a.m.