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School Council Minutes – 14 February 2017

Members Present

Ms. Carmen Grech – School Council President
Ms. Ben Portelli – Head of School
Ms. Eliza Cachia – Teacher
Ms. Rose Spiteri – KGA
Ms. Claire Sciberras – LSA
Ms. Mandy Boult Cassar – Parents’ Representative
Mr. Ruben Overend – Parents’ Representative

Excused: Ms. Joanne Aquilina – Parents’ Representative

Points Discussed

  • Introduction to the School Council: Being the first council meeting of the new school council elected in January 2017, Council President gave a brief explanation of the role of the council.
  • Head of School gave a brief overview of the recent external review that was done in Għargħur Primary. A questionnaire distributed to parents showed that only 50% of the parents said that they felt represented by the council. A decision was taken to start uploading extracts of the school council meetings to the school website. Furthermore, different methods of consultation with parents were discussed.
  • The School Council discussed a Local Council proposal to relocate the main entrance of the school to Ġnien il-Paċi. The School Council considered various aspects related to this proposal, mainly related to children safety and accessibility, and decided that the School position should be that all children, staff and parents should enter and exit the school through the main entrance in Triq San Bartilmew.
  • Mr Ruben Overend presented a proposal for a project related to water conservation that could be implemented at school level. This project could have an educational dimension as well as a social dimension, helping to reduce flooding in Għargħur and replenish the water table.