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MAPSSS Election

Updated 01 February 2015: The Electoral Committee has concluded the counting of votes cast in the first MAPSSS election held in all the Colleges in Malta and Gozo on the 23rd of February. These are the official results:

St Margaret College: Ruth Mifsud Hooley
St Ignatious College: Josianne Grech
St Clare College: Glorianne Borg Axisa
Maria Regina College: Alexia Ellul Welsh
St Nicholas College: Lorraine Azzopardi
St Therese College: Elaine Gatt
St Thomas More College: Miriam Consiglio
San Ġorġ Preca college: Marica Saliba*
St Benedict College: Maria Abdilla*
Higher Secondary: James Sghendo*
Gozo: Edward Scherri

*Elected automatically being the only contestant

Original Post:

The election to elect the Maria Regina College representative on the Executive Committee of the Maltese Association of Parents of State School Students (MAPSSS) will be held on January 23, 2015. Three candidates are contesting this election: Ruben Overend, a parent from our school, a parent from the Naxxar Primary, and another parent from Mellieħa Primary.

The representative elected on the behalf of Maria Regina College will join the representatives from the other nine colleges in Malta and Gozo, and a representative from the Higher Secondary on MAPSSS Executive Committee for the next two years.

The ballot sheet has been distributed to all Għargħur Primary school children on Monday 19th January. You can vote at school; send back your vote with your child, or send it by post. Any votes reaching the school later than the 23rd of January will be considered invalid.

The aims of MAPSSS are:

  1. To act as a reference point officially representing parents of students attending state schools in Malta;
  2. To establish and strengthen partnership among parents, educators and the Maltese Educational Authorities and Policy Makers;
  3. To constructively voice the parents’ position on matters related to their children’s holistic education and well-being in Maltese state schools;
  4. To facilitate and participate in discussion fora between parents and pertinent stakeholders regarding matters and challenges related to their children’s education and well-being in state schools;
  5. To promote and present the interests of the Organisation’s Members to the notice of local administration and authorities, international organisations and other bodies;
  6. To provide and disseminate studies and educational literature so that parents will be familiar with examples of good practice both in Malta and abroad;
  7. To provide training opportunities for parents as part of a life-long learning and life-wide programme to support their children in their schooling;
  8. To form part of any national/international Organisation/s whose aims are similar to that of the Organisation;
  9. To raise funds by means of subscription of Members or otherwise for all the purposes and objectives of the Organisation in such amounts and in such manner as may be authorised by the Executive Committee;
  10. To do all that which is ancillary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.