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Letter from the College Principal




Dear Maria Regina College student,

1. Hope you enjoyed summer. Glad all went well and that you are now back to school safe and sound.

2. It is now time to work a bit harder and follow what teachers tell you to do, for your own good.

3. You do not do anything for anyone, neither for your parents nor for your teachers. You pay attention in class, work hard, study, only to prepare yourself for a better life.

4. If you do your best every day, bit by bit, you are building your future and you will be the one who will gain from all this. Tests and Exam marks show how much you have worked and how much you can do. So get as many marks as you can, your personal best. If you do your best, there is no need to worry afterwards.

5. One other important thing is to respect others. Everyone. We are all the same. Even if we may look very different. So there has to be Respect for All.

6. Therefore you should never bully anyone or make anyone feel bad in any way, neither with what you say nor with what you do.

7. You should always be happy and live together with others in a calm way. Look for other students who need your help and give it. Be kind to others. That will make you happy.

8. Enjoy whatever you do at school. The Head of School, Assistant Heads, Teachers, LSAs and many other people, including your parents, work hard to give you a varied educational experience. Be thankful to them.

9. Be proud to be part of Maria Regina College. Good luck.


Patrick Decelis
College Principal