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Guidelines on the Weight and Carriage of Schoolbags

Research carried out in Maltese schools over the past years has indicated that schoolbag weight is a recurrent issue that school children have had to deal with.

Excessive weight of schoolbags can have a negative impact on children’s dispositions and health and it is for these reasons that the Directorate for Educational Services has drawn up guidelines for schools, students and parents in a bid to remedy the problem.

Studies carried out by the Directorate for Educational Services within the Ministry for Education and Employment have indicated that the causes of heavy schoolbags are, in the main, attributed to the carriage of textbooks followed by that of files and water bottles. Students also take to school objects not related to schooling.

The guidelines that are being attached to this circular are intended to create further awareness of the issue in question and, more importantly, to provide concrete indications as to how the problem can be alleviated. Parents are encouraged to take on board the proposals indicated.

Suggestions in connection with these guidelines are to be kindly addressed to by not later than the end of April 2020.