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Għargħur Primary launches multi-sensory room

Għargħur Primary School’s first-ever multi-sensory room has been launched earlier this month. And guess what? It’s magical! The multisensory room is an immersive environment that has been specifically designed to develop the senses of our young students. The room includes sensory equipment that can either stimulate the child’s mental activity, provide a relaxing environment or promote interaction.

The room is also used as a safe and engaging place where students of different ages and abilities can learn and interact. It is also a great place for Learning Support Assistants and teachers bond with their children and form stronger relationships which can be carried into their everyday life. The eye-catching and stimulating items included in the room can also help to improve concentration and general alertness, which in turn makes learning outside of the sensory room more successful. The sensory rooms can also encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and color, shape and number recognition in a fun and motivating way.

Our Year 1.2 students were the first to use the room. Watch the video and photos here.