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Għaqal id-Dar: FREE community course for parents

Għaqal id-Dar – Ħajja Aħjar is a FREE 10-session community course run under the auspices of the Local Councils and is aimed to help parents make better use of their resources in order to improve their and their family’s quality of life.

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Courses will be held in the following 4 localities:



Local Council Hall

5pm – 7pm



Serenity Gardens

5pm – 7pm



Local Council Hall

5pm – 7pm



Local Council Hall

4pm – 6pm



GHAQAL-ID-DAR-FLYER-1Courses will start in last week of September early October in the evening. Child minding services will be offered free of charge.

The sessions are in Maltese. Each session lasts two hours and includes a 20 minute break. Participants will be given relevant educational material.

Topics that will be tackled include: Decision Making in the Family, Buying wisely (food, clothing, household goods etc); A simple guide to a balanced diet; healthy eating, saving money and avoiding usury; how to avoid waste of electricity, gas and water; taking care of the household; reusing of clothing and other common items; take care of our health and appearance; physical activity at home and outside the home; how to spend our free time; Social services; job seeking, life-long learning, starting a small business and charting the future.

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