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Ethics Information Questionnaire for Parents

The Ministry for Education and Employment is conducting a questionnaire to better understand the current and prospective needs for Ethics Education in State Schools. Your participation by duly compiling the questionnaire is greatly valued as it is only through such evidence that we may assist schools in planning ahead. Should you wish to contribute, you are kindly requested to download the questionnaire in English or Maltese and submit it to your child’s Head of School by not later than the last day of annual examinations or as directed by Head of School. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Survey is anonymous.

Download Ethics Survey in English Niżżel is-Survey bil-Malti

What is the Ethics Education Programme?

The goals of the Ethics programme in schools are to promote values that prepare children and youths to live in a responsible manner. By this one understands the introduction of and reflection on a number of shared values that are taught independently of any faith or religious creed. The Ethics programme educates students into making responsible judgments on issues that deal with rights, fairness, justice, tolerance, respect and other practical issues that involve moral decisions. The Ethics programme is taught in schools instead of Religion Education. Students who opt out of Religion Education are required to follow the Ethics programme.

How is Ethics taught?

Ethics is taught mainly through dialogue leading to reflective thinking, judgment and action. Through various activities that directly involve the students, such as active storytelling, various forms of literature, news, social media, drama, art and videos, students are encouraged to think about issues that have moral implications. These various stimuli are used as a springboard to motivate thinking about the various areas as identified in the curriculum.Assessment of Ethics is done through project work, presentations, written work, reflective diaries and activities that are directly linked to the community. The subject leads to SEC certification at the end of Form 5.

What is taught?

Various topics that have a moral and ethical dimension are taught. The learning outcomes for the whole Ethics programme can be viewed here.

Download Covering Letter in English |  Niżżel iċ-Ċirkulari bil-Malti

Download Ethics Survey in English Niżżel is-Survey bil-Malti