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Ethics Education – FAQs

Ethics Education will be introduced at Għargħur Primary at the start of Scholastic Year 2017/2018. The subject will, for the time being, be offered at Year 1 and Year 2. We have put together a number of frequently asked questions.

Click HERE to download Ethics Education presentation delivered at Għargħur Primary by Ms. Lucianne Zammit.

Why is Ethics Education being introduced?

Ethics has been introduced across Malta as part of the curriculum. Għarghur Primary school is now big enough to be offered the subject too.

Do my children have to attend ethics?

No. Children have the choice to attend ethics instead of religion, but it is a choice. 

Do my children have to drop Religion Education?

No. Your children can continue to follow religion, unless they opt for ethics.

But what is ethics about anyway?

It is about good and bad behaviour. The syllabus covers subjects like behaviour in school and in society, justice and equality as well as different religions.

Why can’t my children follow both ethics and religion?

Due to the time limits, children can follow only one of the subjects at government schools. Some parents opt to teach their children religion after school. Others opt to teach their children ethics after school.

What about exams?

Both religion and ethics are examinable up to SEC level. But neither religion nor ethics form part of benchmark.

What is best for my child?

This has been left up to the parents to decide. Some parents feel they wish their children to learn religion in school. Others feel they wish their children to learn ethics in school. The curriculum includes ethics but it is not compulsory, leaving the choice to you.

Can my child try it and then change if it is not for us?

Yes. It is possible for your child to do this.

What if my child is alone in class?

This is unlikely to happen. There is demand for both ethics and religion.

Can I see the subjects that will be covered?

The Ethics Education Programme Objectives can be viewed HERE. Also, one can view the Learning Outcomes Framework for Ethics HERE.

I still have other questions about Ethics Education. Who can answer my queries?

Please send any queries related to the Ethics Education Programme to Ms Lucianne Zammit on or Ms Louise Chircop on