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Celebration Day at Għargħur Primary School

lion-kingGħargħur Primary today held its Celebration Day – a day to celebrate the unified efforts of the Għargħur School Community and showcase the students’ talents on stage, and to present prizes to students displaying their individual skills and abilities in the various subjects and projects carried out during the year.

The highlight of the celebration day was the production of the play “The Lion King” directed by Ms Eliza Cachia and Mr Adrian Buckle. All students of the school had a role in the production. From the cuteness of the kindergarten students singing and dancing to the Hakuna Matata song to the fierce fight between Scar and Simba and the good advice by Rafiki and Zazu, the African savannah came to life on the school’s stage.

This play was followed by a speech by the Head of School, Ms Ben Portelli and Maria Regina College Principal Mr Patrick Decelis.