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Breakfast Club Applications for Scholastic Year 2016-17 now open

The registration of students to make use of the Breakfast Club Service during the scholastic year 2016/2017 is now open.

The Breakfast Club Service is open for primary students whose parents are in employment. The Service offered in every primary state school gives the opportunity to students to have a healthy breakfast before school commences, as well as interact with other students through play and other activities. The Breakfast Club operates on a daily basis during school days.

Click here to apply for the Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Application – Submission Guidelines

  1. Working  parents/ legal guardians whose children attend Primary State Schools are eligible to enrol in the Breakfast Club Service being offered on a daily basis during school days.
  2. Details being requested in the application form are the following:
    • Name, Surname and Age of Child;
    • Name of College and School, Grade;
    • Days attending the breakfast club;
    • Name, Surname and Id Card Number/Passport Number of Parent/Legal Guardian
    • Address of Legal Guardian Contact Numbers and Email Address
  3. By submitting the form, applicants shall:
    • Confirm that al information submitted is correct;
    • Understand that the respective authorities shall verify the information submitted as necessary. Any information can be passed to any other Departments/Colleges involved in the processing of this application.
  4. Following the submission of the eForm, parents/legal guardians will receive an email and/or sms text confirming the submission.
  5. The processing of this application may take up to 5 working days until the child may start attending for the breakfast club service.

Click here to apply for the Breakfast Club