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Apprezza Campaign

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) is organising its annual Apprezza campaign.  Aimed at children aged between six and 12 years, this campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of tourism for Malta, instil a sense of pride in young students and increase their knowledge of Malta’s tourism product.

As part of this programme MTA organises weekend visits to heritage sites and attractions for students and their parents/guardians.

Due to popular demand the following guidelines have been put in place.

  1. Bookings are to be made via email only on
  2. The bookings will be made strictly on a first come first served basis
  3. 1 adult only to attend per child
  4. More than 1 child may attend per adult
  5. Only 2 events may be booked per child/children.  Another 2 may be listed as 2nd/3rd preference in the event there is place in the future* or initial 2 choices are already full.
  6. Parent/guardian may book different events for different children
  7. These visits are only for children aged between 6 and 12.
  8. All activities are free of charge
  9. Transport is not provided
  10. Meeting point is always at the venue listed
  11. Duration of event is an approximation

*A waiting list will be maintained and if places remain for other activities parent/guardian will be contacted by MTA.

We would appreciate if you would cooperate with these guidelines to avoid disappointment.