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Accredited Parental Courses for Parents

The Institute for Education is accepting applications submitted online for the below Accredited Modules commencing this scholastic year 2018-2019 at San Ġorġ Preca College, Secondary School, Ħamrun. The target audience is educators and parents who are interested in collaborating with schools. Schools are requested to inform parents about these modules and urge those who are interested to participate. 

These courses at MQF level 5 are offered across a variety of areas within the educational sphere. The Institute firmly believes that parents play a critical role in providing learning opportunities at home and in linking what children learn at school with other experiences. By facilitating and participating in diverse learning experiences and activities outside the school, parents become an important factor in children’s overall learning and education. 

The courses offer innovative learning experiences and include assessments. They are the perfect opportunity to gain or improve knowledge and skills as well as benefit from the expertise of our academic tutors. 

Further information regarding entry requirements and course outlines can be viewed from the Application Link.