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The Uniform

After a public consultation process held with students, educators and parents/guardians, the Ministry for Education has decided to uphold the choice of the majority from the groups indicated and to go for a comfortable and good quality tracksuit, including a poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap and jacket for winter. 

The Ministry is honoring the clear choice established by the consultation process between all parties. There was also an internal consultation process on how to gradually introduce the new uniform so not to create a financial burden on the respective families. 

Details of the tracksuit designs for the primary and secondary school (including middle schools) will vary. Every state college will have particular details and colour schemes clearly identifying the respective college. 

  • Scholastic Year 2019/2020: The Ministry is informing the schools and parents/legal guardians that for next scholastic year the present uniform may be retained, whilst parents/legal guardians might send the students with the tracksuit, including poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap and for winter the same jacket used to date. 
  • Scholastic Year 2020/2021 The new tracksuit including the poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap and Winter Jacket shall be introduced for Kindergarten 1, Year 1, Year 7 and Year 9 as from scholastic year 2020-2021. 
  • Scholastic Year 2021/2022 All student must attend school in the newly introduced tracksuit, including the poloshirt, t-shirt, shorts, cap and winter jacket. Exceptions may be considered for year 11 students. 

The current authorised supplier of Maria Regina College uniforms is Yorkie Clothing Ltd. Click here download uniform price list.