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The Students’ Council

The election for the Students’ Council is held annually during the first term of each scholastic year. The council and a staff member in charge, Ms Karen Schembri, meet regularly, at least once a month, in order to bring forward to the administration and teaching staff any suggestions or complaints raised by the students in general.

The Student’s Council for the Scholastic Year 2017/2018 is as follows:

President: Omar Ismael Yr 6.2
Vice-President: Aiden Aquilina Yr 6.1
Secretary: Elisa Vassallo Yr 5.1
Vice-Secretary: Aiya Bayou Yr 4.2
Treasurer: Kyron Scerri Yr 4.1
PRO: Katina Dimitrova Yr 5.2
PRO: Mariah Mercieca Yr 3.1
PRO: Mia Spasic Yr 3.2