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A New Beginning – A letter from the College Principal



Dear student

If you are still in a primary school, an adult may explain this to you. If you are in the Middle or Senior School you will surely understand my message.

Welcome back to school. Today is a very important day in your life. It is the beginning of another scholastic year. A year full of wonderful learning experiences. A day when you meet your old friends and make new friends. You will also meet teachers and other adults whom you know very well, others who are new to the school. They will all be working to make this year another fruitful one for you.

Obviously you must be ready to receive all the benefits from this educational experience. You must be willing to follow the rules which were set to keep order at school. Without order we cannot make any progress. I hope I will not have to know you personally because of a negative experience.

I prefer to learn more about you because of some positive thing you do. You may excel in writing, reading, speaking in a particular language. You may do best in sport, art, music, drama or any other performing art. You may be able to lead your friends, be part of some important school council or committee, be diligent, hard working. You should find your way to do better during this scholastic year.

Take part in as many activities as possible. All of them will lead you to become a better citizen of Malta whilst preparing you to find a good job when you are an adult. In-class teaching, educational outings, school projects, vocational subjects and all others help you get the skills you need, to work in a team, to be able to use the knowledge you have.

We should all live together in a quiet atmosphere. We should respect each other: teachers, other students, whoever they are. This will help us live in peace with all. Words like bullying and vandalism are not to be heard in our schools and nowhere! I will act seriously if someone is not ready to help us keep the calm we need at school so that everyone learns according to his best ability.

I wish you luck. You are building your future. So come to school with a smile on your face. Be good and look for help if you feel something is not right.

Good luck and take care.

Patrick Decelis
College Principal